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Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010

Fun Fonts
Date: 12 Jan 2010 / Author: SeanParsons / Views: 23450 / Comments: 7

Fun fonts are intended for creating eye-catching documents and graphics. These fonts have been collected from various places on the web so it incorporates a rather eccentric collection of fonts and licenses. I recommend not trying to (re)sell the included fonts.


ooo templates by sean, version 0.2.0
Date: 12 Jan 2010 / Author: SeanParsons / Views: 13661 / Comments: 4

I have created a few templates, some of which aren't terrible. I intend to continue creating more templates to make this at least a decent template collection. Right now this package contains 18 templates (11 ooimpress, 1 oodraw, 4 oowriter, 2 oocalc), but I intend to add more within the next couple of months.


Old Episodes: The Linux Box Show, Episodes 1-7
Date: 12 Jan 2010 / Author: SeanParsons / Views: 6441

Back in 2005 I put together seven episodes of The Linux Box Show. There were some interesting interviews and stories and may be useful if anyone wishes to utilize them when writing updated stories for the topics covered.

Despite being only seven episodes, they included stories of things ranging from book reviews of some mandatory g33k reading, to history on some important projects like Firefox and KDE, and even a couple of interviews.