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What is your favorite DE/WM for Linux/UNIX?
Date: 9 Mar 2010 / Author: SeanParsons / Views: 14696 / Comments: 3

Today I decided to add some polling software to The Linux Box. With said software in place I have decided to ask a ridiculous question:

"What is your favorite DE/WM for Linux/UNIX?"

UPDATE: This poll has been completed. The results are viewable below.

Favorite DE/WM for Linux/UNIX


These results reflect 303 votes cast between May 9th and March 31st in 2010.

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Comments: 3

1. SeanParsons | 10 Mar 2010 - 02:40

Currently I voted for GNOME, but my favorite desktop environment/window manager definitely changes from time to time. For awhile it was XFCE prior to it getting too bloated to really be minimalistic any more. I was a KDE fan during the 2.x days. I have used IceWM enough that I've written my own themes. I have used a command line interface a lot especially back-in-the-day when it was much easier to break X lol.

I have briefly used many of the DE/WM on the list. I've used Blackbox, CDE, Enlightenment, evilwm, FVWM, LXDE, NextSTEP, ROX Desktop, Project Looking Glass, and Windowmaker.

I should also take the time to try out Ion and ratpoison.

I think it would be cool to know what others have tried.

2. fsckit | 24 Mar 2010 - 19:30

I put WindowMaker.

I didn't realise GEM had been ported to Linux. Where can I find it?

3. SeanParsons | 25 Mar 2010 - 01:25


Oops, GEM shouldn't have made it onto the list. While GEM is still available as OpenGEM, it only runs on DOS-like environments. I'll remove it from the poll.